Creating Quality Characters

Bella Nacht Minis focuses on creating quality, detailed characters for desktop 3D printing.
These figures are enjoyed by collectors, painters, gamers and merchants.

I work primarily in 75mm scale designs with a fantasy theme. By default all figures are
this size unless otherwise stated in their listings.

Join the Patreon

Patrons get access to monthly releases at a discounted price
starting at $8. A merchant tier is also available but limited.

Patrons vote on figure themes, see WIPs, and get
early access to future projects.

Did you know … I have two Patreons?


Bella Nacht Minis

Dedicated to my 3d printable figures, you’ll receive monthly STL reward packs at a discounted price, vote in theme polls, see WIP images, and get early access and visuals to new projects I’m working on before they release.Supporters have a heavy hand in the direction of future projects.

The more this patreon grows, the more I’ll be able to release each month!

200 Patron Goal – Exclusive Medusa Figure

250 Patron Goal – Exlusive Artemis Figure

J.L Rose

This patreon is brand new, and dedicated to my author journey and work. I currently have 2 published ebooks, 2 serial fiction stories, a novel, and a TTRPG sourcebook in the works. This patreon is more of a support page as I work on these projects and post updates. There is no strict monthly reward, but joining at the $3 tier get’s you immediate access to all of my ebooks and serial fiction episodes.

There’s also a hidden discord channel dedicated to these patrons, it’s pretty empty right now, but maybe not forever!

Current Kickstarter

The Demi Demon Kickstarter is waiting on it’s final touches for a complete release!

The main set has already been delivered to backers, please check your KS inboxes for download instructions.
Keep an eye on your KS notifications for updates coming soon.


Next Kickstarter

Laverna, A Spring Enchantment

Coming Soon

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