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The mini designer and the attention seeker

We are the sole creators at Bella Nacht Miniatures. Moose spends most of his time demanding attention and sleeping on the keyboard while I try to work around him to create brand new miniatures for your tabletop games, collections and shops. I primarily create figures at the 75mm scale, with select projects made to the 32mm scale.

Currently we live in New Zealand, and before this we lived in Australia where I studied Game Design and Animation. I stumbled, or was rather pushed, into the mini-design industry by my programming teacher at RMIT, and started in early 2020 I now do this full time.

I have also started work as a narrative designer for an upcoming game release, and am published as Jaxon Lee Rose. Currently I am working on the next installments for both The Lockwood Series and The Siggy Smith series, both part of The Galean Universe.

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