The Siggy Smith Series #1

 Siggy Smith is an immigrant, a wife, a mother, a soldier, and a shapeshifter.

She served in special forces, did her job well, and was honourably discharged so she could start her family.

Today, she is a confessed killer convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to liquidation.

Aberrants don’t have the luxury of sitting in prison for years awaiting their final sentence and making appeals. Aberrants sentenced to liquidation are terminated quickly, efficiently, and brutally.

Siggy Smith has accepted her fate, welcomes it, and while she sits in shackles waiting for her time to come, she’s visited by a government official who offers her the chance to wipe her record clean. An unprecedented move that could not only grant her freedom, but possibly change laws for future Aberrants.

The deal? Serve five years on a new, elite, experimental military squadron tasked with hunting down and killing the monsters and threats deemed too dangerous for standard military to face both on and off U.S soil.

Chances are she won’t live long enough to enjoy her freedom when the contract is up, but whatever happens before then will be far more interesting than being dismembered and incinerated in a public execution.

the chase

the lockwood series #1


After three long months in a new town with a new job, things aren’t going exactly to plan for the backpacking shapeshifter Cosima Lockwood.

The job? Not at all what she thought it would be. The town? Deader than ever and boring to boot.

Just as she decides it’s time to pack up and move on, the local shifter council zeros in on her for breaking one of their prime rules.

Not only that, but her partner is three months late and nowhere to be seen, which robs the entire trip of any salacious prospects.

the venue

the lockwood series #2


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London: Ground Zero for Rurik and Cosima’s entire relationship and salacious shenanigans. This time, however, they’ve gone home not for romance, but for a reunion with Cosima’s family. What starts out as a typical dinner full of drama and squabbles is quickly derailed with the appearance of an unwanted and unexpected figure: Cosima’s estranged twin sister. Dark family secrets resurface and old wounds are ripped wide open once more in this continuation of short story, The Chase

the dead wolf diaries


My name is Persephone Lennox and writing this journal is the only thing keeping me sane. I only came back to the U.S to visit friends, but strange things were happening in the news that we all ignored. Illnesses, natural disasters, accidents.. Then I couldn’t get a flight back to Australia and I thought it was just bad customer service. Six years later I’m still here, locked behind city walls while the dead roam outside, keeping us all trapped and obedient. Except I’m done being a rat in a cage.

Author Note*
I’ve started behind-the-scenes work on potentially turning this world into a TTRPG sourcebook.

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